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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Last Dollar Road Brown Cows III

Mother and calf along the road late in the day. I loved the picture. This painting is11x14

Last Dollar Road Brown Cows

I found this group of cows at mid day and loved the picture. The painting is 10×12

Ridgway Bull II

There were  4 bulls in a field near our place and I painted several pictures. This guy was great. The painting is 10×12

Ridgway Bulls

The black bulls had a meeting one day and this was the picture I got of that meeting. Black bulls always seem the most powerful. This painting is 10×12

Ridgway calf III

I found a herd of Herefords by the road one day and this is one of the calves. This painting is 5×7   SOLD

Ridgway Hereford I

This is the first in my Hereford series. In each I was going for the cows expression. This painting is 8×10.

Ridgway Hereford II

This is the second in my Heredord series. This painting is 12×16.

Ridgway Hereford III

This is the third Hereford and the toughest looking cow. It is a girl. The painting is 12×16.

Ridgway Long Horn II

There is a whole herd or longhorns near our place in Colorado and I paint a few each year. This painting is 11×14

Summer Black Cows

I love to find the cows in a natural setting, usually on BLM land or in the national forest. That’s where I found these two. The painting is 12×16

The Good Cow VI

I love to paint this cow. Last year she had twins. This is my 6th painting of here. This painting is 5×7  SOLD

True Love

This caught my attention because this bull was being so nice to this cow. This painting is 10×12