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The Good Cow VII

This is the seventh time I have painted this cow. She is a personal favorite, but people who buy my work like her, too. This picture is 9×12

Summer Black Cows II

I found this cow on Last Dollar Road. My favorite drive. I have been working hard on black cows. I love the suttle colors in their hide. This picture is 12×16.

Mother and Son II

This is the second time I have paint this Momma. I gave my grandson Chente the first one because he like it so much. This picture is 9×12.

A Favorite Bull V

I have painted this bull a lot! One of my favorites is a picture of him in the winter. This picture is 12×16

My Bull IV

I love this Black bull. He is the most powerfull looking animal in the area. This picture is 12×12. I am not sure this one is finished

Ridgway Herefords IV

This is a continuation of my new Hereford series in which I focus on their faces. This painting is 12×16

Ridgway Herefords V

Another Hereford in the series. This painting is 12×16

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