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Ouray County Hereford #9 11x14 $350

We are having a family show this fall of my work, our daughter Kellie’s and my wife Karen’s. This is my featured cow. Kellie calls it “Floyd”. I have painted her 3 times this summer. 11×14

Ouray County Calves #1 5x7 $135

Hereford Calf #1 5×7

Heath Ranch Cow and Calf 1 11X14 $300.00

A Heath Ranch cow and calf. 11×14


Hereford Calf #2 8×12

Ouray County Calves #3 8x12 $225.00

Ouray County Calves #3 8×12

Ouray County Rural #1 8x12 $200.00

Ouray County Rural #1 8×12

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