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Category Archives: ranch animal paintings


Black Bull in Light 9x12

Black Bull in Light 9×12

Potter Bulls in Dark 12x16

Potter Bulls in Dark 12×16

Heath Ranch Cows 2017 12x16

Heath Ranch Cows  12×16

Ridgway Lanscape IV 6x9

Ridgway Landscape #4  6×9



Capt Jim 9X12


Big Mountain 12×16


Fall inn the Valley 9×12


Grazing 5X7


Valley Cows 12×16


Capt Jim 2 12×16


Heath Ranch Cows 12×16


Farm Road Cow #1 12X16


Capt Jim 12×16…this was the toughest bull of the summer


Cow in the Flowers 11×14


Cow #44 9×12


Capt Jim At the Heath ranch 12×18


Cow in the Field 12×16


Landscape #1 12×16

Double R scene 12x16

Near the Double R ranch 12×16

Bull in the Aspens 12x16

Bull in the Aspens 12×16

Cattle Drive 4 8x10 2016

This is one of three ,3,  painting I made. This is “Cattle Drive 4”    8×10

Cattle drive 2015 9x121

This is “Cattle Drive 2” which I showed it earlier. It is 9×12

Cattle Drive 5 8x10 2016

This is “Cattle Drive 5 “It is 8×10

Cattle drive 2015 9x121

Cattle Drive 2015   12×16

Potter Cow 2015 19x27

Potter Cow 2015 19×27

Potter Cows at Heath's 2015 a 9x12

Potter Cows at Heath’s 2015    12×16

Potter Cow 2015 9x12 $ 250

Potter Cow 2015 9×12

Potter Cows 2015 12x16 $350

Potters Cows 2015

Roasted Marshmellow #3 9x12  $250

Roasted Marshmallow #3 9×12

Potter Bull 2015 9x12 $250

Potter Bull 2015 9X12

Potter calf 2015 $125

Potter Calf 2015 5×7

Ouray County Road cow #5  9x12 $250 a

Ouray County Road Cow # 5 9×12

Ouray County Road cow #4  9x12  $250 a

Ouray County Road Cow #4 9×12

Ouray County Road Calf 5x7   $125 a

Ouray County Road Calf 5×7


“Ouray County Cow 1” This is just a 5×7 painting, but a favorite of mine.


This is a 5×7 study for “Ouray County Cow #2” that I will frame and show at Resourse Art in Ridgway.


This is “Ouray County Cow #2”. It is 9×12. I is from the Potter Ranch.


This is “Wild Horse #2” from some photos by T.J Holmes. I like doing moving animals. Catching their motion is a challenge.

Potter Cow 2014 a 5x7

A Potter Calf   5X7

Potter Mother and Sun 9x12

Potter Mother and Son 9X12

TJ's Bulla

T.J. s Bull 9×12

cow 1a

A Potter Bull 5X7