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Cattle drive 2015 9x121

Cattle Drive 2015   12×16

Potter Cow 2015 19x27

Potter Cow 2015 19×27

Potter Cows at Heath's 2015 a 9x12

Potter Cows at Heath’s 2015    12×16

Potter Cow 2015 9x12 $ 250

Potter Cow 2015 9×12

Potter Cows 2015 12x16 $350

Potters Cows 2015

Roasted Marshmellow #3 9x12  $250

Roasted Marshmallow #3 9×12

Potter Bull 2015 9x12 $250

Potter Bull 2015 9X12

Potter calf 2015 $125

Potter Calf 2015 5×7

Ouray County Road cow #5  9x12 $250 a

Ouray County Road Cow # 5 9×12

Ouray County Road cow #4  9x12  $250 a

Ouray County Road Cow #4 9×12

Ouray County Road Calf 5x7   $125 a

Ouray County Road Calf 5×7

Ouray County Road Bull #2a

Ouray County Bull #2 11″x 14″ $350.00

Ouray County Road Bull #1a

Ouray County Bull #1 9″x 12″ $250.00

Ouray County Road Cow #3a

Ouray County Cow #1 9″x 12″ $250.00

Ouray County Hereford #9 11x14 $350

We are having a family show this fall of my work, our daughter Kellie’s and my wife Karen’s. This is my featured cow. Kellie calls it “Floyd”. I have painted her 3 times this summer. 11×14

Ouray County Calves #1 5x7 $135

Hereford Calf #1 5×7

Heath Ranch Cow and Calf 1 11X14 $300.00

A Heath Ranch cow and calf. 11×14


Hereford Calf #2 8×12

Ouray County Calves #3 8x12 $225.00

Ouray County Calves #3 8×12

Ouray County Rural #1 8x12 $200.00

Ouray County Rural #1 8×12


“Ouray County Cow 1” This is just a 5×7 painting, but a favorite of mine.


This is a 5×7 study for “Ouray County Cow #2” that I will frame and show at Resourse Art in Ridgway.


This is “Ouray County Cow #2”. It is 9×12. I is from the Potter Ranch.


This is “Wild Horse #2” from some photos by T.J Holmes. I like doing moving animals. Catching their motion is a challenge.

Nancys Buffalo 26x40

This is a 26X40 Commission done in early 2015. It was to be impressionistic which allowed me to work with some fun colors.

Nancys Buffalo study 5x7

This is the 5×7 study done for the big painting

Potter Cow 2014 a 5x7

A Potter Calf   5X7

Potter Mother and Sun 9x12

Potter Mother and Son 9X12

TJ's Bulla

T.J. s Bull 9×12

cow 1a

A Potter Bull 5X7

High Country Cows 9x12October 15, 2014 through December 1, 2014 my wife Karen Keene Day and I are having a joint show at La Cocina De Luz which is on the main street in Telluride. My show will be strictly cows and hers will be wild horses. Karen shows at three galleries Michael Michell’s in Charleson, S.C. , I.Pinckney Simons in Beaufort, S.C. and the Skoloda Gallery in Ouray, Co    Potter Hereford Bulls 9x12         ???????????????????????????????

For my August paintings I tried some elk from pictures by T.J. Holmes. The three pictures are 9X12. They are showing at Resourses Art in Ridgway, Colorado.???????????????????????????????     ???????????????????????????????        ???????????????????????????????