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Monthly Archives: August 2010

My Uncle Everet

This picture is 16×20.This is a picture of my Uncle Everet from a 1950’s photo. I rode these horses to find the cows on his farm

Owl Creek Cows I

This is 9×12. I found these cows on government land above 10,000 feet and love the lighting on them

Owl Creek Cows II

This painting is 16×20. I painted a second picture to add in more cows. I loved this setting

Bruce's Bulls

This is 12×16. It is a picture of a friends grandfather’s bulls. The pictures were taken in the 1950’s I used this as my summer warmup painting

Raw Hide Long Horns

This painting is 12×16. I watched the old “Raw Hide” TV shows this summer and wanted to do a painting. The scene is disappointment Valley which is in Southwest Colorado. The cows are from a herd near Ridgway, Colorado

Ridgway calve II

This painting is 12×16. I enteedr this in the summer show. I found 4 of these calves and made several paintings. My grandson wants this one for his room

Ridgway Long Horns I

This painting is 12×16. I like to do the long horns that live near Ridgway, Co. They are all different and are strong animals

The Good Cow IV

This is just a 5×7. This is my favorite cow. She always has her calf late.She has a great face that I love to paint.

The Good Cow V

This painting is 12×16. I entered this picture in the summer show. As I stated before I love to watch and paint this cow. She lives near Ridgway, Co.

Ridgway Cow IV

This painting is 8×10. I love black cows because they are strong looking. The bulls are particularly strong looking. I find it hard to capture this strength, so this was a small piece done to work on my skills.

Ridgway Cow I

This is 12×16. Cows faces are popular so I was again working on my skills with this piece